All About the Investor Visa

The financial backer visa is regularly alluded to as an “E Investor Visa” and empowers an unfamiliar individual to lead their business here in the US, given the US has a business deal with the individual’s nation of source as well as home. Clearly, this should be given by the US. In spite of the fact that there is no restriction with regards to how frequently a financial backer visa can be restored, it should be checked on consistently (generally like clockwork).

What is needed to get the visa?

To acquire either kind of this visa, you should contribute or put a specific measure of cash into the US economy. The dollar sum included depends on the kind of financial backer visa you are endeavoring to get just as the sort of business you are attempting to build up in the US. The mate of the candidate and any youngster younger than 21 years who isn’t hitched may get a subordinate visa, paying little mind to their ethnicity, so they can go with the chief person.

E2 financial backer visa

The E2 financial backer visa empowers a person from an outside country enter the US and work here dependent on some sort of venture that they will control while they are inside the country. The E2 should be reestablished once every other year yet there is no restriction with respect to the occasions Documents à fournir pour obtenir un visa it very well may be restored. The individual should add to the economy of the US and be genuinely significant (it ought to regularly surpass $50,000) regardless of whether they are putting resources into a current or new business.

Setting up a little shop here in the US doesn’t satisfy the financial necessity. Also, a financial backer visa is simply accessible to an individual gave their nation of origin has a business settlement with the US. The measure of speculation assets above is an expected sum and the candidate ought to examine this with a migration lawyer to find out about what is needed before they make any proposals on a business. Moreover, the cash contributed should just be spent on the activity of that business.